Advertising is a game of words and ideas. The object of the game is to sell stuff.

Advertising isn’t a design contest or creativity competition.
All the design and creativity in the world can’t make up for a misguided message.

The right strategy (what to say) and the right message (how to say it)
will win a bigger share of the spending pie in your business category.

There’s a simple 1-2-3-step formula to get results. If your ads aren’t working…
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Joe O’Rourke • 413-575-5651 • joe@joeadwriter.com


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Joe O'Rourke

Joe O’Rourke- Making and managing radio campaigns in  western Massachusetts.   Also available for freelance work.

Dr. Seuss. Yogi Berra. John Lennon. Muhammad Ali.  Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen. They had a way with words and they were the heroes of my youth. Wit and wisdom. Rock and roll. Somehow it led me to radio and  I aspired to create advertising on par with the top admakers.

Along came a new set of heroes. What I’ve learned from Roy Williams, George Lois, David Olgilvy, Jack Trout, Al Reis, Paco Underhill, Bob Hoffman and other advertising mavericks — not to mention Berra and Springsteen — is that you can affect what people think and do with words and ideas that are honest and creative.

You thought this might be the part of the website where I tell you about the awards I’ve won (I’ve won a few), my professional credentials (I have a 35-year track record) and my hobbies (Do you really care? Then let’s have lunch!).

I’m just a perpetual student of human nature. Words and ideas affect what people think and do. When advertising says things that matter to people, they pay attention and it affects how they spend their time and money.

Joe O’Rourke • 413-575-5651 • joe@joeadwriter.com